The Spy Who Boned Us!

Wellen Dowd, Curvay Bootay, & Mi Lei Yu are a trio with one thing in common; all have been jilted by the same English Spy, Finely Boned. Once united the ladies realize a common dream, to become an international Spy. They get deployed to Afghanistan to end the reign of Terror as they struggle to adjust to a new world with only themselves to rely on.
The Spy Who Boned Us (TSWBU) “The first comedy about terrorism”

The Spy Who Boned Us by ccstudios

          Starring, Directed & Written by Carrie Cain Sparks (Rumble in the Bronx, X-Files, The Man)
A message from the Director- I made this movie from residuals I got from acting jobs. It took a lot of blood, sweat & tears (cliché but true).  “The Spy Who Boned Us!”  watch it with any donation to a wonderful charity called Starving Artist. Supports aspiring artists of all kinds. You can help new artists by watching this film. Thank you for your support:) CCS

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Three ambitious ladies Wellen Dowd, Curvay Bootay, & Mi Lei Yu, are brought together with one thing in common, they have all been jilted by the same English Spy, Finely Boned. 

Mi Lei Yu     Curvay Bootay



Mi Lei Yu hopelessly in love trusted the wrong man. 
Curvay Bootay is a French girl who Finely compromised in the worst way, then dumped her.

Wellen Dowd

Wellen Dowd is the daughter of an English Chocolatier.
She fell hard for Finely, however their love affair is always trumped by his work.



Finely Boned



Finely Boned. The Selfish Spy, leads the girls on to help him win cases.


Vavoom!Vavoom! Shopping
Decorating for the new office 

Confrontation in the Dessert

               Confrontation in the Dessert.
The Ladies hire an experienced Boss to take them to the next level.

Dime Bag's Big Party! 
At the White House, they get a chance to prove their worth.
Dime Fascinates at the WhiteHouse!


The President assign the Ladies to Spy in Afghanistan.  Cheney's Heart Attack

-afgnanistan5.jpgafghanistan curvay wellen

The Spies are Undercover in Afghanistan
Set in
Set in Afghanistan & Hollywood, The Spy Who Boned Us!
is a smart and witty, no jokes barred fun trip. There is truth in comedy.